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Writing on the Beautiful Island of Vinalhaven in Maine.

I have an affinity for small islands and our new home of Vinalhaven is the absolute perfect place to get away from it all and take in the beauty around you, and to create. Vinalhaven is a small town with a big lobster industry. The island is unspoiled and intends to stay that way. So what better atmosphere to walk in the woods and mossy forest floors, jump into a pristine quarry or stroll along the rocky coast? Start each day to coffee and sea breezes then write gather to prompts in a relaxed, reflective, circle of friends who have yet to meet. Leave totally rejuvenated and connected to your own life story.

As a group we will write, read and support/encourage each other and we will strengthen each written piece and bring forward those life stories or creative short stories.

This year, my first as a writing facilitator on the island to offer a week workshop, we will gather at the brand new studio WildHorse Studio. The lovely studio was created and built by the artist and business owner Alison Thibault. I met Alison last year when we wrote together out on Lane's Preserve. Alison is fantastic, a supporter of the arts/artist, writing and bringing community together. I knew right away we'd collaborate together and now we are.

So sign up now for July 24th - Thursday 27th 2023

$350 for four mornings.

Sign up at to save your space/or any questions regarding staying on the island.

Accomodation at The Tidewater

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