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Writing on a beautiful island ...

Good morning,

The summer bell tent is nearly ready, the boys are laying the platform. It's big ... but the platform will eventually be the floor of a cabin or writing studio. The watermelons are growing, so are the peppers, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes for summer salads. Lawsons Quarry is sparkling in the warm weather and the lads are swimming daily. I'm excited to get there to write, relax, get salty with dirt in my toes and fingers from moving rocks and planting flowers and food. I'm nervous about growing anything, I kill a lot, it's a wonder the kids survived but Cathal has become a bountiful grower and tender gardner.

I'm also excited to host the first Vinalhaven Writing Workshop in July 24th - 27th. The island is truly beautiful. Its is not a polished showpiece like some towns along the Northeast, it is a real working town where the lobster boats dominate Carver Harbour. It is a raw, gritty and laidback island and camping on the land will be a perfect forest experience for us this summer as we begin to build the cabins. I say this with confidence but of course I could be running to the studio at the first sound of a wild animal. Time will tell and I will too as I'll be writing 1,000 words a morning before coffee. Join us in our summer writing challenge on Insta laraobrienbooks or facebook Lara O'Brien Writing Workshops and Retreats. Send in your favourite line you wrote that morning. Just because you like it. We start June 1st.

If you want to join a growing writing group for the July workshop contact me,

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