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October Writing Days.

Finally, and slowly, I'm feeling grounded after working on my memoir over the summer. It took one brilliant beta reader to shine a light on the word, HOME. My memoir, Writing My Way Home, explores my writing journey and this reader asked about my use of the word, home. So I had to dig just a little deeper into what 'home' means. And sometimes getting to home base, physically or mentally and especially to our most important home, being at home in ourselves, comfortable in our own shoes, being at peace with yourself, means facing your deepest fears.

'Know Thyself,' and to truly know yourself we must acknowledge our why's. Why would someone write a memoir/novel/poem when writing is the hardest thing they can do? Yet writing is also the most rewarding and a vehicle to the truth, every single time. Writing sets you free of your own misconceptions and mental barriers, writing takes your hand and brings you to face what you have been avoiding, ducking, diving and hiding for years.

We have three workshops going on. If you are terrified of speaking in public, or suspect you have learning challenges that prevent you from writing for fear of others seeing your mistakes, or maybe have deep seated trauma/grief that is begging to be addressed, come write!

If school or college has been a tough road, come write, you'll be among comerades.

Perhaps you simply have a great story to tell! We all have a surplus of great stories, they just need to be teased out and nurtured to shine. Consider these workshops. We support emerging writers and get to the heart of your story. We also have new news on Hooks & Reels this week, stay tuned. And we are open-armed welcoming to all writers and are encouraging young writers who wish to explore and find their voice to join us, discounts for students!

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