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Hooks & Reels - Winter Tales


We are delighted to announce our next Hooks & Reels. We had a tremendous night at St. Mary's and it was such a pleasure to step out of our cozy space of The Boathouse and see how we would do with a big church atmosphere. Saltaire were incredible and we knew they would soar with the Church acoustics. We brought in new voices and talented professionals alongside our headliner Edel Coffey and local writers. We are so lucky to have national broadcaster and author Dearbhail McDonald as our MC and part of our team.

Our goal was to present four performances this year and we will bring it home with our final night of 2023 with Winter Tales, a night of songs and stories, emerging writers, talented storytellers and professional musicians gathered together as community.

On December 7th we are back in The Boathouse thanks to Dave Murnane and the Aqua team, and we have a fantastic lineup for you. Seven writers present Winter Tales and music by young musician, Isabella DeMayo a folk/soul mix. Her voice and style will remind you of original artists such as Amy Whinehouse and Laura Marling. Her songwriting and voice evoke imagery of changing seasons and campfire camaraderie.

More details to follow,

Get your tickets here, we have a very limited number.

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