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Five Years

Taking a moment to recap and remember. Next month will be the 5th year of Howth Writing workshops and retreats. We have written to hundreds of prompts, and crafted great life stories.

We’ve travelled to Martha’s Vineyard, Cork and New York.

Writers have come from the States, Australia, and Poland to write with us. We host 3 workshops weekly.

We’ve coached many writers through memoirs and some are published or being published. We are working on an anthology.

We’ve kick started Hooks & Reels, and just performed our 7th edition. We’re growing a grassroots movement to strengthen the arts in our town. In February we hosted Roddy Doyle to over 200 community members. And last week we held our youth writers edition and it was a huge success.

We’ve shared hundreds of stories, laughter and tears and become Fabliss friends.

Watch this space, we have great news coming. #writingcommunity #howth @hooksandreels @howthwritingworkshops #writingworkshops

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