Martha's Vineyard


You don’t have to be especially artistic, poetic, or prose-perfect.
You simply need a desire to write & delve into self-awareness…be brave, curious and ready for change.
Join us at the women's restorative workshop on Martha's Vineyard. Breath, meditate and relax into the islands beauty as we gather for an inspiring and beautiful week of conscious writing. In the spirit of reclamation and creative adventure, journey through your life and possibilities with self-exploratory writing and reflection. You are invited to take a brave and honest dive into your life. Within each of us is the call to open our hearts, step into our courage, and animate our own sacred expression.
Lara leads participants into conscious breathing, guided meditations, and expansive writing exercises to explore and express your life's story. Transcend your inner critic, and spontaneously express yourself with a view to infinite possibilities. You’ll write, listen and support others. You will write and rewrite the story of you, the most authentic and fearless one without limitations. Come write, get curious, see yourself.
Stop wishing and start doing.
4 Day Fall Workshop 2019
Restorative/ life explorative writing

Women are invited to write, read, and reflect on the story of their lives during this 4-day workshop. Lara will facilitate the group (10-12) writing to prompts (Past, Present, Possibilities). Write to reveal more about yourself and to move past self-imposed restrictions. Connect through conscious writing and towards attaining focus for your life goals. Sacred and creative writing space in the newly donated Chapel at Featherstone for the Arts. 

Next workshop: September 2019

Cost: $350 per person (excludes lodging)
If you are coming from outside of Martha's Vineyard I will be happy to recommend lodging for any budget!

Time: Monday through Thursday, 1pm to 4.30pm

Location: Eclipse Yoga Studio
Bring: water, pillow, pen/ paper or laptop, yoga mat/ blanket.


Honestly, write! Write, write and write, till the truth appears.