Gratitude from Howth

What a year this has been. One of massive transitions and adjustments. Our little stone cottage is filled right now for Christmas. Fire is lit, dog is getting whiter around the face, and he remains committed to sitting on my feet. Peace rules.

Upcoming workshops - May 10th-15th 2020. A Howth Adventure Retreat which will explore life story in a Past, Present and Future structure & also the power of 3 in writing. The group will support one another and together lightly edit each day to create and develop some gems over 5 days. We will also create great material to write about while exploring Howth. It could get wild! But in the best cultural sense.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to Howth or joined us in Howth to write this summer and stayed every week into the new year. Thank you to the Irish Cultural Centre writers who joined us in the Irish Cottage in October. And to the Martha's Vineyard Yoga and Writing retreat writers who came out for the one-day retreat.

Magic, all of it, the friendships, the support, the laughter and the tears.

As we set our intentions for the new year, keep putting pen to paper. We find clarity and focus,

(even if the spelling and handwriting is messed up) writing will help with the head and the heart.

Your life, your journey.

Do Shaol, Do Thuras

Happy 2020,