College is about you.
your interests, passions, 
talents, goals, pursuits,
dreams and future.
How to a write a unique and attention-grabbing essay!

College is about you, your interests, passions, talents, goals and pursuits, dreams AND FUTURE! Lara will guide you through the stages of the essay writing process. No editing or proof reading but rather talk about your goals, revisions, passive voice, writing schedule, proper citation, teach you to identify and address problems, find the right hook. Email drafts, rewrites, ideas, and edits over 2 months to complete a stress free final draft. 


Start with your goals and challenges, identify your vocabulary that best describes you, draft and revise, find your voice, write and rewrite, build, identify and address problems and find your hook. On the 3rd and final draft, polish and shine! 

Investment:  Appr. $500 (10 hours to complete 3rd draft)

Lara will walk you through the stages of writing process and will go over:

  • Teach you to identify and address problems

  • A clear plan and timeline

  • Clarity and focus in your student's path ahead

  • Identify the students story

  • Plan the essay outline

  • Identify strengths and challenges

"As a parent, it was great to take the stress of the essay off our son. Due to time restraints and finishing up senior projects, we were worried about getting it in on time. Through many emails, Lara and he worked on finding, his voice, his story and his reasons for attending the college. Not only was the work stress free, our son had his essay in on time, and was accepted to his number one choice Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston."  - Michelle Brescia 

"Lara was unbelieveably helpful with my college essay. She helped me express my story and highlight my passions in a unique way. Together we took my essay from great to astounding. Without her help, I doubt I would be going to Middlebury next year."

-Keith Chatinover

MA DEMS Activist of the year award winner. 

"Look for the universal truth in your story, reveal your unique challenges, adventure, journey and spirit."
Lara O'Brien
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