Write for life.

In our stories lies our truth. In what we observe through writing, is to reflect and reveal in our past foundations, our present views and emotions on life, love and loss. Through writing our life's story we gain clarity, focus and energy to move towards our infinite possibilities. - Lara O'Brien


Martha's Vineyard

Women Retreats
Weekly Writing Classes

Come write! Write for you and for the beauty around you. Offering small classes of intimate writing sessions that get to the focus and spirit of your life. Build on your story, get curious about you, discover your voice. Learn to curate the stories of your life in words, by events, memories and relationships. 

Howth - Ireland

Howth Writing Workshops
Weekly Writing Classes

Writing in sacred places. Howth is magical! Come discover your story in Lara's hometown. Explore your connection with your past through cultural immersion in a gem of a village that only Ireland can offer. Write, read, give and receive feedback in these workshops. Weave in the beauty of land and seascape. 

Private Groups

Host a writing event!

Lara will come to you. Circle format with a warm and inviting atmosphere in the comfort of your own home, book club, school, yoga studio, etc. Fun, revealing, and memorable bonding.

Yes... you!

You have an amazing story inside you.


How we remember

is how we give meaning to a life fully lived.

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